Le Foyer des Campagnes

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It is the proven witness of many events of the cultural, social and municipal life of the past.

Built in the 1860s/1870s and refurbished in 1926 with a meeting room for 150 people, a stage and a cinema booth and a refreshment room.
On the old ceiling (before the installation of a false or double ceiling in the 1970s) there is a fresco depicting two cherubs surrounding the Plantourian coat of arms.
Although it has lost its former splendour and its painted ceiling, the Foyer des Campagnes continues to be a fundamental place for today's community life.
The fountain in the square recalls the memory of the old washhouse.


  • Historic patrimony



  • Film room
  • Meeting room
  • Parking nearby
  • Exhibition space
  • Toilets


  • Not open to the public

Spoken languages

  • French


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