Heritage days

Heritage in the spotlight

Over the past four decades, European Heritage Days have enabled millions of people to discover the hidden treasures, captivating stories and cultural diversity of Europe. The 40ᵉ ​​edition is a tribute to our rich collective heritage, it is an invitation to continue our quest for discovery and appreciation of cultural heritage, while reminding us of the importance of preserving it for future generations!

“Discovery” circuit, exhibitions, conferences, digital museum, self-guided tours or guided tours will punctuate the European Heritage Days for the municipalities of Cogolin, la Mole, la Garde-Freinet, Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer and Plan-de- tower !

This year’s little extra: The treasure hunt, in search of heritage pebbles!

Discover our heritage while having fun, that’s what our treasure hunt offers! Log on to www.Fb-rocks.com, follow the instructions and be the first to find five of our “special heritage” pebbles to receive a reward!

Prepare your adventure in 4 steps!

  1. From your smartphone, connect to www.Fb-rocks.com and create your personal account in a few clicks.
  2. Click on “I’m looking for pebbles” and locate them on the map using geolocation, read the description of the pebble and the clues to find them!
  3. Once found, click on “I found a pebble” and insert the code written on the back of the pebble (e.g. #JEP1) Repeat as many times as you find a pebble (5 minimum to get a reward)! You can even leave your personal comment there!
  4. Two possibilities: “I’m going to hide this pebble” or “this pebble is superb, I’ll keep it”. In the first case, click on “my finds” then check “rehide my find” In the second case, leave a short message for the creator!

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