Saint-Pons Day!

A little history ! Saint-Pons protector of the countryside!

Saint-Pons, son of a Roman senator and convert to Christianity, brought not only “the good news” but also relief from physical ailments, hence his nickname: “the Holy Protector of the Countryside”.

This festival was originally a “fair day”. The traditional Saint-Pons patronal festival in honor of the village’s patron saint is celebrated with fervor and dignity every year in May. It deeply marks the identity of Plan-de-la-Tour.

The day begins with a religious service in the village church, followed by the procession to the oratory of Saint-Pons where mass is said in Provençal, then, as tradition dictates, animals, tractors and their drivers receive the blessing. Provencal songs and dances punctuate the morning.

At the same time, the Donkey Festival has been inseparable from this day since 2014, highlighting the rural world. It pays tribute to this emblematic animal of our territory which has always been alongside man in the countryside.

A great opportunity to meet and rediscover this affectionate animal with big ears. It takes place in the village square and its surroundings with a festive program. Entertainment punctuates the day for the greatest pleasure of visitors.

Find the Saint Pons Festival and the Donkey Festival on Sunday May 26!

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