Le Fort-Freinet

A settlement fortified during the Middle-Ages and spanning across an area of 4,000 m², this incredible site offers a breath-taking view over the surrounding area.

Archeological excavation campaigns date the initial occupation of this history-steeped and ancient Medieval village to between the late 12th and 16th centuries.

Lying on top of a hill 450 m above sea level, Le Fort-Freinet was the perfect vantage point to thwart potential attacks. Le Fort-Freinet is now a unmissable natural phenomenon in our area, both to immerse yourself in its history through its remains and to marvel at the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the breath-taking views over the Cannet plateau and the village of La Garde-Freinet.

Do you want to know more about Fort Freinet?

The Freinet Heritage Conservatory offers a guided tour of the site every month!


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