Panoramic views

Panoramic views are everywhere in the local area thanks to the incredibly diverse natural landscape.  Whether you prefer to look out to sea or admire lush greenery, you will be sure to find the perfect view for you.

La Garde-Freinet

You can enjoy many exceptional viewpoints from the top of the hill:

  • Le Fort-Freinet, a fortified settlement from the 12th to the 16th century, which is located 100 m above the modern-day village of La Garde-Freinet. From this site, you can look out over the village below, the Maures plains, most of the Maures Massif, the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, the Mediterranean, the Estérel Massif and the French Prealps.
  • You can also enjoy a similar view from the viewpoint indicator and the Maures Cross, a Christian cross featuring an effigy of the Christ, around 90 metres below the village.
  • But the most incredible viewpoint in La Garde-Freinet is undoubtedly Roches Blanches, the highest point in the municipality at 637 m above sea level. This point offers a stunning 360° panoramic view over the Mediterranean, the French Prealps, the Maures plains, the Maures Massif, Saint-Victoire Mountain, and even Corsica.

La Môle

Just a stone’s throw away from Sainte-Magdeleine Chapel and concealed by the adjacent forest, La Verne Dam is a sight to behold. Scale the surrounding hills to admire this remarkable construction from the one side, or the plains and village of La Môle from the other.

Le Plan-de-la-Tour

We have pleasant and fully accessible trails, running from the plains up to the peak of the surrounding hills, where you can discover the stunning vineyards, the hamlets scattered around the hills, and the local fauna and flora.

Lying 416 m above sea level, San Peire embodies a past that dates back to the prehistoric period. After marveling at the remains of the oppidum, enjoy the breath-taking 360° panoramic view over the surrounding landscape.

Le Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer

Each of the many gateways to the enchanting village of Le Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer offer stunning views over the surrounding area, a truly green haven against the backdrop of the Mediterranean and the Îles d’Or:

  • If you head towards Cavalaire-sur-Mer as you leave the village, you will be able to enjoy a panoramic view over the sea and the Îles d’Or. There are also parking bays along the main departmental road 559, where you can take some wonderful photos of the local landscape.
  • Revel in the panoramic view over the sea and the Îles d’Or from the Col du Candel mountain pass as you enter La Môle along the Canadel Road.
  • Marvel at the breath-taking view from the highest point of village, the drapeau (the flag), just a stone’s throw away from the Col du Canadel mountain pass.
  • The Patec pergola also provides an excellent view over the ancient schist stone staircase.

In addition, many parts of the village offer views from different angles over the famous Cap Nègre, the former residence of the French president, and Cap Bénat, a small rock point on the Mediterranean coast.

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