Many celebrations take place in our villages throughout the year.


Les Bravades de la Saint-Maur

A traditional festival in Cogolin, featuring rifles, cross-village processions, masses, etc. It’s a journey through time that joins past and present to promote this religious and military celebration, commemorating Saint Maur, the patron saint of the village.

The Terre Mer Festival

Public dance evenings, shows and concerts take place every July and August. You can spend the holidays by the beach or in the small squares of the old town, where nice restaurants and bars await.

La Foire provençale

On the first weekend of September, locals and tourists of all ages make the most of the mild temperatures, flocking to the region to watch live sporting, cultural and artistic performances. It’s the perfect time to tuck into some great food with your friends and family, right in the heart of the main square, while watching two incredible concerts, with an illustrious headline act guaranteed for at least one of them.

European Heritage Days

On the third weekend of September, you can go on themed guided tours and enjoy our craft factories’ open days.

Festive activities

The year ends with our festive programme, featuring plenty of activities and shows for children.

La Garde-Freinet

The Chestnut Festival

Located right in the heart of Chestnut Country, La Garde-Freinet is renowned for its age-old chestnut groves. The Chestnut Festival pays tribute to the long-standing regional tradition of chestnut farming. The festival is held on the last two Sundays of October in the heart of the village, giving visitors the chance to try this time-honoured fruit in all its forms: grilled chestnuts, candied chestnuts, chestnut-flavoured ice-cream, chestnut liqueurs, chestnut-flavoured cakes and breads, chestnut jams and spreads, etc. It’s a real treat!


La Garde-Freinet is also a village brimming with talented artists, where many workshops and galleries celebrate art in all its forms: painted canvases may be on offer in pedestrian areas on summer evenings, exhibitions and art-related events may be held, and there may also be art markets and open days throughout the year.

La Môle

The Sainte-Magdeleine Festival

La Môle comes alive for three whole days during the Sainte Magdeleine Festival, now an unmissable event for over 20 years.

Sunday mass is held in Pierre Grac Square, bringing life to the village through the church park parade, a procession with the patron saint.

Folklore enthusiasts will not want to miss the traditional danse de la souche that takes place in the square, bringing together dansers and musicians dressed in typical provençal costumes.

This event brings a friendly and lively atmosphere to the village, particularly in the church square.

Le Plan-de-la-Tour

Le Plan-de-la-Tour celebrates its values and comes alive to commemorate its festivals and age-old traditions.


Le Corso de la Bruyère

A large, joyful procession of floats colourfully decorated with the heathers from our hills.

The Saint-Pons Festival and its procession of people dressed in traditional costumes to the sound of fifes and drums.

There is also the village festival, la Saint-Pierre aux Liens, as well as sporting and cultural events, equally aimed at sharing emotions and cherishing unique, powerful moments.

Le Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer

The Mimosa route from January to March with guided tours of the Domaine du Rayol “L’Odyssée des Mimosas

The Olive Festival is celebrated every year on Easter Sunday and Monday. During these two days, olive oil and its derivatives are featured around the Provençal market. Participation of the Commanderie du Rameau d’Argent with enthronement of new knights, planting and blessing of an olive tree without forgetting the presence of the bravadoes and the songs of Provence.

In summer, it is in an exceptional setting, in the open air and facing the sea that all your senses will be solicited. The mild summer nights are ideal for enjoying the works of the greatest classical composers during the romantic evenings of the Domaine du Rayol.

In August, a sporting event of the most unifying: the Crossing to the swim, 1 km of swimming between the beach of Rayol and the beach of Canadel.

In September, Heritage Days with entry to the Domaine du Rayol at €1! To celebrate the arrival of autumn, the Domaine du Rayol organizes Gondwana, the plant festival.

Finally, in December, to celebrate the arrival of the new season, the Domaine du Rayol organizes two open days.

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