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The Fort-Freinet is a fortified village from the Middle Ages

The ancient fortified village of La Garde-Freinet extends up to 1200 square-meters covering a part of the hill above the actual village. On the North it is surrounded by a large moat. Situated on the top of the hill, the "castrum" occupies a surface of 120 m². It is clearly separated from the village beneath by a lane. The ancient village is made up by 40 houses, half of which are already cleared, and sits on 3 or 4 levels on the North-West side. Be careful, the path is steep !
The origins of the site are unknown, but the circumstances its destruction are well known. In 1589, during the wars of religion, the Maréchal de La Valette, Duc d'Epernon and Gouverneur de Provence, ordered its destruction to prevent the Huguenots from using it.
The castrum consisted of three parts:
-the castle at the peak of the hill
-the village backing on the Southern side of the cliff
-an outpost occupying an isolated summit

The originality of the site is due to the skills the builders developed to use the rock. The inhabitants not only adapted to the mineral surrounding, but they adapted the surrounding to their needs, making the most of the slightest irregularity in the difficult landscape to built their homes.

The Fort-Freinei is classified remarkable natural site.

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  • Historic patrimony
  • Ruins and remains
  • Archeological site

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  • Colline du Fort-Freinet 83680 La Garde-Freinet
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