Le San Peire

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On the traces of a civilization since about 2500 years before our era. A remarkable site!

Its historical origins date back to the Neolithic Age.
The site of San Peire de Miramar, "the one that looks out to sea", was occupied continuously from the Neolithic and Bronze Age until the 13th century.
We can admire the remains of a fortified perched settlement, the remains of an enclosure 30 metres long and 4 metres thick (the fortified walls must have been between 3 and 4 metres high in the original location), of the Oppidum (fortified protohistoric settlement) becoming a castrum "Bastida Maximae" (Roman period) then the Bastide of Miramar during the High Middle Ages cited in a document in 1310 as the Bastide of Miramas and the village castrum Sancti Petri de Miramars


  • Historic patrimony
  • Ruins and remains
  • Archeological site
  • Dolmen / menhir
  • Fortified town
  • Palaeontological site

Spoken languages

  • French


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