Les Fontaines

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Water has never been in short supply in Plan de la Tour! For a long time, wells were at the heart of village and hamlet life until the appearance of pumps. Once a place of meeting and exchange, these wells transformed into fountains bear witness to this past.

There were many wells before they were transformed into fountains in the commune, and it was a tiresome chore to draw water.
In 1839, a standpipe was installed (today's Place Clemenceau), and then pumps with turnstiles or pendulums were installed in the various districts of the village and the hamlets.
The equipment of all the districts was spread over several years.
Another peculiarity of our village is that despite the external wells common to a district or hamlet, many houses have their own wells, always present in garages or gardens.
City water from the tap arrived in the houses of Plan de la Tour in the 1960s and 1970s


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